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Empowerment in Slums and labour colonies

This summer I did an internship with an NGO that was extending a helping hand to marginalized groups and was working on improving their living condition. After some research, I learned about Sampark and soon enough I landed in their office in Jakssandra. They gave me an in-depth overview of their work. After my orientation, […]

Empowering Women in the Workforce: The Key Role of Childcare Assistance

As we push towards gender equality and embrace progressive values, one significant obstacle remains: the persistent gender gap in labour force participation. Despite progress in many areas, the data from 2022 paints a concerning picture—only 50% of women worldwide are employed, compared to 80% of men. This imbalance isn’t just a statistic; it’s a structural […]

Voices of Compassion

Empowering Voices of Compassion: Stories from the Frontlines of Social Sector In today’s fast-paced world, finding meaning in our careers is crucial. Many individuals are fortunate enough to choose their profession, but few embark on the path of social service with a clear sense of purpose and dedication. While words like happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment […]

Sampark Recommendations for Future Policy Action and Rights Advocacy for Devadasis

Devadasis face many challenges when it comes to accessing their rights. These challenges present themselves in every sphere of their lives – employment opportunities, access to education, savings and security, healthcare, and even extend to familial tensions and lack of support systems for their children. Where governmental schemes exist, their execution within the community is […]

Children of Devadasis: Challenges and the Need for Future Reforms

While the existing devadasis continue to suffer repercussions of their dedication, the children of Devadasis too face and grapple with the undeserved struggles that have become bitter remnants of the past – a past which risks ruining their present and future. Present Challenges According to a study conducted by Sampark, 62 of 70 Devadasi respondents […]

Can We Deliver Justice to the Devadasis? Laws and Current Policy Landscape in India

The devadasi practice was first abolished during the British Raj under Lord Reading in 1925. Since then, many laws and policies have been proposed and passed to protect the rights of Devadasis. However, despite legal sanctions to combat the existence of the system, the Devadasi practice still prevails in different parts of modern India.  Let […]

The Present Day Devadasi system: Sexual exploitation of women in the name of tradition

According to a one-man commission report constituted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2013, there are about 4,50,000 devadasis spread across the country.  The National Commission for Women (NCW), however, reported only 48,358 Devadasis in India (Kothari, et al. 2019). It is perceivably hard to enumerate the exact number of Devadasis in the country. […]

Interns in the new-normal

Reflections – Akshata Mahesh Bhat, Jindal Global Law School In light of recent events highlighting the situation faced by migrant workers, I was keen on learning more about their lives, the issues they face and how I could possibly do something about the same. Having heard of Sampark and their activities as an NGO in […]