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In 2008, when Ullesh was four years old, he migrated from Raichur to Bangalore with his parents and settled in the labour colony of Iblur. His mother stayed at home to take care of him, and despite knowing about the creche, his parents initially did not trust the teachers and refused to send Ullesh there. However, after multiple visits by the creche teachers to explain their activities and constant persuasion, Ullesh was finally enrolled on October 14, 2008.


With the help of the creche teachers, Ullesh was enrolled in the government school of Iblur in 2010, and in 2017, he completed his primary education at the same school. He then enrolled in Agara High School. Ullesh’s academic performance and extra-curricular activities earned him the Best Student Award of Rs 8000 from the Anjeneya Trust of Iblur. He is now enrolled in a prestigious institute for his higher studies. 

Karriappa, Ullesh’s father, expressed his gratitude to Sampark’s Creche, stating that Ullesh would have dropped out of school or may not have even enrolled in a school in a big city like Bangalore, had it not been for the teacher’s assistance. Karriappa hopes to provide Ullesh with a good education, so he can secure a good job rather than working as a labourer at construction sites.


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