Interns and Volunteers

Sampark provides excellent opportunities for students and professionals to participate in its work and expand their knowledge and understanding of development issues by engaging in research and activities focused on areas of women’s empowerment, microfinance, enterprise training and institution building, education, health and natural resource management.

To suit individual needs and Sampark’s activities, we have two types of involvements at Sampark. One is a volunteering based effort and the other is the position of an intern which is scheduled in advance.

Sampark collaborates with various organizations (such as IRES, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute) that place interns in full-time, 3-6 months positions at non-profit service organizations like Sampark. Participants in sponsored programmes work full-time and are fully integrated into the Sampark staff. Individuals interested in participating through a Sponsored Programme should contact the organization of interest directly.

There is no stipend associated with an intern position; however, we do cover any local commuting costs. We accept intern applications on an ongoing basis based on the interests and talents of the applicant and the existing demand in the organization.

Currently, we are looking for interns for following activities:

Development of training material on the following subjects for providing training to women SHGs, leaders of community based organisations, children and whole community in villages of Koppal, Karnataka-

  • Health
  • Legal rights
  • Leadership and management skills for people’s organisations
  • Enterprise development
  • Impact monitoring systems
  • Awareness on children’s education
  • Writing research articles for peer-reviewed journals

If you would like to join us, write to us at Please add whether you would like to volunteer, intern or work with us. Please send your CV with a cover letter and we will revert to you with our response shortly.

Working for Sampark has certainly reinforced any desire to work in an interdisciplinary field that incorporates many different aspects that make up livelihoods (economic, social, environmental, governace).”
– Jason Klinck