Early Childhood care and education

The issue

The vulnerability of migrant workers and the safety of their children is less talked about and addressed. Children’s needs like health and nutrition, education and cognitive learning needs, interactive and social enabling environment and above all safe parenting care for migrant children while their parents work is often overlooked. Such children do not have access to a safe environment for their growth.


Our intervention

Sampark has 15 creches for the children of migrant workers. The crèches have children from the age of 6 months to 12 years. Creches also assists children to enroll in schools and provides after school support to children from ages 6 to 14 to ensure they stay in school
– In the morning special diet of kheer prepared with sooji, jaggery and milk is given to children
under 3 yrs.
– Midday meals are provided .
– Evening milk , peanut bars, banana, eggs etc are provided for balwadi and NFE children
– Multivitamins and supplements to tackle iron deficiency are provided
-Health camps are conducted for children periodically and all children are immunized.
-During the camps height and weight of children are recorded and underweight children are identified and put on special diet.
– Periodic parents meetings are conducted

Prerane Project, Koppal. 


Enhancing Reading & Writing Skills of Lower & Higher Primary School Students in Koppal district, North Karnataka

Funded by – Bayer vegetables

Sampark’s intervention in 10 Government Higher Secondary School in Koppal district for a period of 3 years (June 2009-March 2012) and (child resource centers in 5 villages from June 2012-March13) has revealed that 50% of the class 8 students lack basic learning skills. During the impact assessment of the project proved that in the primary school the students are promoted to the higher classes, though they lack the basic learning skills like reading and writing as per the Governments order on compulsory education till class 7. Students of classes 1-3 have no practice on reading or writing skills as the programme Sarva Sikshana Abhyan has been followed which does not allow children to be forced to read or write. 80% of the students of classes 4-5 are able to read and only 60% are able to write. Sampark has realized the importance of having a good academic base in students of primary classes which can be inculcated easily and more effectively in higher classes.

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