Sampark ILO Devadasi study report August 2015

Sampark believes that the people who are underprivileged can improve their living conditions only when they realise their potential and become self-reliant. In order to achieve this, Sampark is committed to facilitate the setting up of micro enterprises which are completely owned by people. The objective of this activity is to provide market-oriented skills and vocational training to women and youth (both boys and girls) in the villages of Koppal Taluk and encourage them to find employment or start their own enterprises to earn better livelihoods.

  • Enterprise motivation training
  • Facilitation of market survey
  • Skill training
  • Business management training
  • Market linkages
  • Job placement

Process & Achievements

“Since 1997, Sampark’s women’s economic empowerment activities have supported the set up of over 1400 Self Help Groups (SHGs), involving 15,000 poor and disenfranchised women in Koppal in North Karnataka, India. These women gather weekly to save money and avail loans. The SHGs are federated into four Self Reliant Cooperatives, registered with the government of Karnataka. Sampark enabled the formation, registration, capacity building and financial linkages of these organizations.
Strengths of the co-operatives :

– The cooperatives are formal financial organizations that have handled cumulative savings and loans of over $1million and are audited annually

– Conducted monthly meetings with the Board directors.

– Prepared General body meeting reports, annual report. Annual audit reports are prepared with the support of auditor.

– Updating yearly ledgers, cash books and daily reconciliation of accounts are done in a professional way To transfer the learning from our successful Koppal project, we set up a new project in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in 2017 and 1000 women have been formed into SHGs across 12 villages in the Chiraigaon block of Varanasi district. While the SHGs are aimed at financially empowering women and increasing their income level, the larger aim is that the participation in the SHGs will enhance both, their economic as well as social aspects in the lives of these women. This is to encourage families to support the women to learn new skills – considering a deeply patriarchal and disabling environment

– The specific objectives of the project are to train the women to take up decent livelihoods. This includes skill training and enterprise training through practical hand-holding support.

– Creation of cadres of Community Resource People (CRP) and Enterprise Resource People (ERP). Women are trained in SHG concepts, book-keeping and communication skills to manage the SHGs. Women will also be trained to facilitate enterprise development in villages by providing distribution support networks for village produce.

Sector-wise skill trainings started: By 2008 Sampark has facilitated skill training in various sectors i.e. tailoring; kasuti (hand embroidery); driving; beautician; mobile repairing; scrubber making; helpers in hydraulic pressure pump making industry; dairying, preparing vermicompost, and sheep and goat rearing, which are identified by women and youth.



The enterprise and skill training programme is having a direct impact on the behavioural and managerial qualities of its beneficiaries, which is reflected by the following aspects that were observed:

  • Many have imbibed the positive qualities of punctuality and professional attitude towards their entrepreneurial work.
  • Team interaction among women from various villages has been strengthened.
  • They have been now updated not only in technical skills like tailoring, kasuti, mobile servicing, driving, beautician skills etc but also in the soft skills of communication and negotiation.
  • They have acquired basic managerial understanding of marketing and product pricing about the products they produce.

Awards and Achievements. 

The Karnataka State Cooperative Department along with Koppal District Union Cooperative Niyamita awarded Eshwara Mahila Vividdodesha Souharda Souhsahaya Sahakari Niyamit (Name of the Cooperative) with an award titled Good Women’s Cooperative Award on 14th November 2016. Eshwara Cooperative was established by Sampark in 2008 and as of 2017 has 133 Self help Groups and 2091 women members to whom they give loans for businesses.

Gavisiddheshwara Mahila Vividdodesha Souharda Souhsahaya Sahakari Niyamit, Kolur village in Koppal set up their own office building and the women have constructed a building on land awarded to them by the Gram Panchayat in Kolur district.