Our Impact

  • 6000+ School Children impacted in Karnataka
  • 10,000+ Migrant labourers reached across India
  • 3000+ Youth empowered through training
  • 5000+ Women enabled via Self Help Groups
  • 16,00,000 Recovered in worker's wages

To empower extremely vulnerable women and children across Karnataka and help them achieve a better quality of life through education and self-reliance.



The public and private sectors have instituted various benefits and developmental efforts for vulnerable groups of people. However, the last mile service delivery for these initiatives are often missing and the entire process fails to serve the very aim it was constituted for. Sampark picks up the baton on the last leg here and ensures delivery of services to the last of the un-reached.


Sampark seeks to empower target groups through skill building, guidance and hands-on orientation programs. Ranging from formation of Self Help Groups and credit facilities to imparting education for children and women, our efforts are driven towards creating sustainable and holistic growth for the most vulnerable of people.


We firmly believe that the best means of combating vulnerability is through financial independence. Our initiatives include skill training across blue collar and white collar sectors, so as to enable the people to supplement their incomes and achieve a higher quality of life.


Training & Capacity Building

Sampark believes that the people who are underprivileged can improve their living conditions only when they realise their potential and become self-reliant. In order to achieve this, Sampark is committed to facilitate the setting up of micro enterprises which are completely owned by people. The objective of this activity is to provide market-oriented skills and vocational training to women and youth (both boys and girls) in the villages of Koppal Taluk and encourage them to find employment or start their own enterprises to earn better livelihoods.

Migrant Workers Support

In the last decade the trend in migration has shifted from landless farmers to landed farmers with irrigated land migrating to rural areas. This is primarily because the demand for workers in urban areas especially in the construction sector has increased coupled with difficulties arising in the agriculture sector. This migration occurs across states and districts that have no resources, are disaster-prone, arid or under-industrialized. With no fixed destination, a lack of marketable skills, and no knowledge of the local language, the migrant workers are exploited and remain in debt.

Education & Learning Support

The vulnerability of migrant workers and the safety of their children is less talked about and addressed. Children’s needs like health and nutrition, education and cognitive learning needs, interactive and social enabling environment and above all safe parenting care for migrant children while their parents work is often overlooked. Such children do not have access to a safe environment for their growth. Sampark could not help but notice the importance of such a support structure for a constantly displaced community. In Bangalore with the construction workers boom, this number couldn’t be easily ignored.

Research & Evaluation

Sampark conducts research and evaluation studies on a wide universe of development issues across India and South East Asia. These include studies on sustainable rural livelihood systems, gender and leadership, natural resource management, social learning processes, micro-finance and people’s organisations.

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